Blockchain for NFTs, DeFi, Smart Contracts and more

Venidium is a blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform together with fast & cost efficient transactions. 🌻


Level up by using Venidium in your projects

For Developers

Venidium offers an EVM blockchain that is compatible with already existing tools so that Developers can keep using what they are familiar with.

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For Artists and Creators

With block times of 5 seconds and costs less than $0.01 per transaction, Venidium is highly suitable for your NFT, Art or Gaming projects.

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For Companies

The Venidium Core team offers support for new entrants that want to bring their existing business to a blockchain environment and benefit from the new possibilities.

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Become a partner

We offer strong partnerships for everyone

Our long term goal is to make Venidium a strong ecosystem on a blockchain that has been built to fit in the next generation of networks and Web 3.0.


We love NFTs, DeFi, Gaming and Data

The Venidium team has grants for projects in these fields that want to build on Venidium in a fresh and innovative space.

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Everything you need in one Blockchain

Venidium does not offer only fast and cost-efficient transactions but also offers oracle features such as VRF's (?) for your dApps.


Our Latest News & Updates


Venidium Whitepaper v1 released!

Read our freshly released whitepaper now or download the PDF version for later.

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Venidium Announcement

Check out Venidium's first announcement to public and discuss with others.

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Join our Discord Community and chat with us

Get in touch with the core team or find new friends in our Discord Community.

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Steadily growing since the mainnet (PoST) launch in October '21






Start building

Build in a developer friendly ecosystem

Venidium is highly scalable and therefore a good choice for developers to create great projects on an EVM (?) Blockchain.

Create fast and efficient dApps for your company or clients and profit from Venidium's interoperability between other EVM Blockchains such as AVAX, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and many others.

Fast and cost-efficient transactions

The average transaction cost on Venidium is less than $0.01 and gets confirmed within 5 seconds.

Our approach

The Roadmap

The following Roadmap is a rough estimation on the milestones the Venidium Core team has in mind. In case of new partnerships and in order to grow the value of the Venidium Ecosystem we might at any time change the milestones or release dates or add other topics to ensure growth and exposure.

Launch Testnet (PoST) ✔️
Launch Mainnet (PoST) ✔️
Launch Explorer (PoST) ✔️
Find Partnership with an Esport Team ✔️
Launch Testnet (EVM) ✔️

While 2021 is over, the Venidium Core team is working on future development. If you are already a Venidium User, you are counted as an Early Adopter of the "Veni Sphere". Click on "2022" or "Future Plans" to read further.

Launch Mainnet (EVM)✔️
Create Venidium Bridge (PoST to EVM)✔️
Create Wrappers for XVM Tokens
Exchange Listing (EVM)
Launch Venidium Oracle Network
Add support for CS:GO Data (Oracles)
Add support for other games (Oracles)
More Exchange Listings (EVM)
Launch Project (Player Profiles - TBD)
Launch Project NFT Marketplace (TBA)

2022 will be the year of growth for Venidium. We will have our first products released and collaborate with partners in a decentralized and open blockchain world.

We see Venidium as a Cross Chain Platform where different Blockchains are supported with Wrappers and Bridges and in the future we want to expand supported Blockchains, Projects and Ecosystems to offer more possibilities in a growing world of Networks.

Possible supported blockchains are yet to be decided and might change in the future. In general, we are aiming for crowded blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche and BSC to support the growing userbase of EVM blockchains.